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News releases from Yellowstone National Park.
  • Gunshots fired along Yellowstone's East Entrance Road
    On September 22, 2018, rangers began investigating a report that a man had fired a shotgun at some wolves that were chasing his dog east of Sedge Bay along the East Entrance Road in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Yellowstone fire danger lowered to high
    With the arrival of cooler weather and some moisture, the fire danger in Yellowstone has been lowered to HIGH.
  • New thermal activity in the Upper Geyser Basin
    Over the last several days there has been new thermal activity in the Geyser Hill area of the Upper Geyser Basin. This includes new erupting vents splashing water on the boardwalks, surface fractures, and a rare eruption of Ear Spring on Saturday, September 15.
  • Attend Yellowstone’s Hawk Watch September 22
    Celebrate the spectacle of raptor (bird of prey) migration on Saturday, September 22, in Yellowstone National Park’s Hayden Valley.
  • National Park Service releases Yellowstone Vital Signs Report
    Yellowstone National Park and the National Park Service’s Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring Network have released The State of Yellowstone Vital Signs and Select Park Resources, 2017.